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Clear-Pb® Transparent X-Ray Compensation Filters
Improve image quality and reduce patient exposure!
Filters are 30% lead by weight. Reduce the need for multiple exposures. Ensure a more uniform image density. Reduce patient exposure by selectively attenuating the x-ray beam. Lightweight, easy to use. Mount to any collimator. Collimator light field is never blocked.

Lightweight Clear-Pb® filter is fully transparent

Unique magnetic mounting system allows instant adjustment of filter coverage

Installation of filter holder into collimator accessory tray

Advantages of using CLEAR-Pb® Lead-Plastic Filters compared to other filter methods.
CLEAR-Pb® Compensation Filters eliminate the problems inherent in imaging a wide range of densities on one radiograph. Because they are far superior, they replace the bulky, heavy aluminum filters that block the collimator light field. In addition, CLEAR-Pb® Filters are only one-fifth as heavy as aluminum filters. And, they eliminate the use of gradient-speed intensifying screens.

CLEAR-Pb® Filters are made of lightweight plastic that is 30% lead by weight. A unique "Quick-Stik" magnetic mounting system plus a filter holder that slides into the collimator tray ensure that the filter is held firmly in place. It also permits instant repositioning as the area and/or degree of filter coverage changes.

Improve image quality, even in areas of varying body thickness.
Many routine radiography exams including mediastinum and chest tomography, aortic arch angiography, dorso-plantar foot views and full-spine scoliosis studies, present the problem of maintaining an optimal range of film densities because of the great differences in body thickness. In order to achieve diagnostic quality, conventional methods subject the thinner body areas to unnecessary radiation exposure. By compensating for the differences in body thickness, CLEAR-Pb® Filters reduce over-exposure of both the film and the patient. The filters help ensure optimum image quality and provide improved diagnostic detail. Because the use of CLEAR-Pb® Filters result in a reduction of radiation exposure where it is not needed, in some studies patient doses can be reduced by a factor of 100.

Clinical tests confirm advantages of CLEAR-Pb® Lead-Plastic Compensation Filters.
In tests conducted by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), Nuclear Associates’ Lead-Plastic Transparent Compensation Filters and Breast Shields were used with children undergoing scoliosis radiography. The tests had a two-fold purpose: to reduce radiation doses to the children and to provide more uniform film densities throughout the entire spine. The sCDRH reports exposure reductions of about 80% to the skin of the breast when using this filter for AP projections and a greatly improved image quality of the upper spine.1, 2

References:1. Gray J.E., Hoffman, A.D., Peterson H.A., Mayo Clinic: "Dose Reduction in Radiography for Scoliosis". J. Bone Joint Surg., (Jan., 1983), 5-12.

2. "Patient Exposure Reduction During Scoliosis Radiography,"

Typical Clear-Pb � filter positions








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