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Full Spine compensation Filters


Whether you are taking full-spine (14'' x 36'') or sectional (14'' x 17'') spinal radiographs, the facts are in...FDA tests prove that CLEAR-Pb ® Lead-Plastic Transparent Compensation Filters and Breast Shields significantly reduce radiation exposure while providing a more uniform radiograph (see Table 1). Test results showed exposure reductions of about 80% to the skin of the breast when using this system for AP projections. At the same time, these lightweight, easy-to-use filters greatly improved the image quality of the upper spine. Further exposure reduction of about 50% was achieved using fast rare-earth intensifying screen-film combinations.

Lightweight, fully transparent CLEAR-Pb ®
  Filter, with Gonad and Breast Shields in position.
Full-spine scoliosis exam. 
Uniform-speed screens and
  CLEAR-Pb ® AP/PA Filter produce
  ideal density throughout the spinal
  column. Note placement of Gonad
  and Breast Shields.

It’s easy to use CLEAR-Pb® Filters! To obtain the optimum diagnostic detail, the AP/PA Wedge Filter (57-405) should be used when performing full-spine examinations. First the Breast Shields (57-409) are placed on the filter holder. The AP/PA Wedge Filter (57-405) is placed on top of the Breast Shields. The Gonad Shield (57-408) is placed below the AP/PA Wedge Filter. Build-Up Filters are used to provide additional filtration in the cervical area to compensate for the added exposure that may be needed in the lumbar area. Build-Up Filters are placed on the AP/PA Wedge Filter.

Optional accessories recommended for use with Full-Spine Scoliosis Filters:
BREAST SHIELDS (57-409): Provide protection to the radiosensitive breast and lung parenchyma adjacent to the spine. Fully adjustable; may be used on the Filter Holder Assembly (57-426) with or without a compensation filter. Consists of two 3'' x 3'' steel/lead shields with magnetic tape on one side.

ADULT GONAD SHIELD (57-408): Shamrock-shaped insert has three overlapping lead circles (each 1/2'' diameter) cemented to clear plastic.

PEDIATRIC GONAD SHIELD (57-444): For imaging children and the sacroiliac joints of adults. Overlapping lead circles are 1/4'' D.

THIN BUILD-UP FILTER (57-430): Used with AP/PA filters for patients with measurements from 14 to 25 cm. Provides additional filtration in the cervical area to compensate for the added exposure that may be needed in the thoracic/lumbar area.

THICK BUILD-UP FILTER (57-434): Same as 57-430 Filter (above), but for patients whose measurements exceed 25 cm.

Clear-Pb is a registered mark for Cardinal Health

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