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Clear-Pb ® lateral decubitus X-Ray Compensation Filter 

Excellent diagnostic detail in double-contrast barium enema examinations.

Ends image "burn-out" while reducing patient exposure. Lateral decubitus images normally obtained during double-contrast barium enema exams are often difficult to interpret because of the extreme differences in film densities. A high percentage of such images have been clinically unacceptable due to over-or under- penetration on one side of the patient. For example, overexposed decubitus views have been responsible for a high percentage of missed lesions, especially in the ascending colon.(7)

Easy to use. The CLEAR-Pb® transparent filter is lightweight. With the unique "Quick-Stik" magnetic mounting system, the filter easily mounts on the holder. The filter is held firmly in place, yet it can be repositioned instantly.

Reference: 7. Feczko PJ, et al. "Compensation Filtration for Decubitus Radiography During Double-Contrast Barium Enema Examinations," Radiology, 149:3 (Dec. 1983), 848-850.

Clear-Pb is a registered mark for Cardinal Health  

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