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Three types of lead strip positioning:

A focused grid is one in which the lead strips are tilted progressively as they move away from center.  Lines through each of these strips would converge at a point known as the grid focus. 

A criss-cross grid has two grids sandwiched together with the result that the strips are usually both parallel to and at right angles to the long dimension of the grid.

In the use of a parallel grid, no matter where the tube us located, there is never a condition under which all of the strips will be aligned with the tube, since they are all vertical.  Only the strips directly under the x-ray tube can be in true alignment with the primary rays. It is not recommended to use a parallel grid at any distance less than 56".

The ratio of a grid is defined as the relation of the height of the lead strips to the distance between them.  The higher the ratio of a grid the more scattered radiation is absorbed.  As grid ratio increases, the necessity of having the focused grid exactly centered and perfectly level under the x-ray tube becomes more and more important.  Also becomes more necessary to use the grid at its focal distance from the tube, instead of being able to use it through a range of distances.  
RATIOS AVAILABLE: 5:1, 6:1, 8:1, 10:1 & 12:1

MDM x-ray grids are available in a variable range of focal distance. With the lower ratio grids the focal range is considerable wider, with the higher ratio grid it is considerably narrower.
Focal distance available:
Small: 26-32"
Medium: 36-40" and 34-44"
Long: 40-72", 48-72" and 60-72"
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