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Ontario, CA 91761 U.S.A.
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Safelights & Warning Signs
Fluorescent Safelights:

Cat. No. 18R 18" red safelight for blue and blue/green sensitive film

Cat. No. 18G 18" green safelight for infrared laser imaging film

Cat. No. 24R 24" red safelight for blue and blue/green sensitive film

Cat. NO. 24G 24" green safelight for infrared laser imaging film
Cat. No. 18RF lamp and filter for 18" red safelight
Cat. No. 18GF lamp and filter for 18" green safelight
Cat. No. 24RF lamp and filter for 24" red safelight
Cat. No. 24GF lamp and filter for 24" green safelight
18" and 24" long safelights. Two filter options: RED for blue/green sensitive films or GREEN for infrared laser imaging. Meets OSHA requirements to protect personnel from lamp breakage. UL listed components. 5 foot power cord. Easily mounted on wall or ceiling. 120 Volt 60 Hz (available in 220/50)

Swivel Safelight #19198
Combination Safelight
Cat. No. 19106
Perfect for direct spotlighting, wall mounted unit swivels to any position. Easy to install via 2 keyholes, includes a GBX tupe filter, light bulb and a 6 foot cord with a three prong plug. Dimensions: 7-1/2"H x 6"W. Available with optional sensor that turns the safelight on automatically when the regular light is shut off (the unit can still be shut off permanently with the on/off switch) cat. #19298
Two compartment unit features a safelight at the bottom and a normal incandescent room light at the top. Comes with a 6 foot cord and a 3 prong plug. The Safelight is an 8x10" GBX type filter.
Dimensions: 15-1/2" L x 10" W, 2-1/2" D

Circular Safelight Cat. No. 19104
Electric Signs:
Economy model, screws into any existing outlet. Made of aluminum, filtration is from a GBX type filter that unscrews for bulb replacement.
Dimensions: 5-1/4" L x 4-1/8" D
X-Ray in use sign Cat. No. 19110-XR
MRI in use sign Cat. No. 19110-MR
Darkroom in use sign Cat. No. 19110-DR
CT in use sign Cat. No. 19110-CT

Manufactured of steel and lit by an energy efficient fluorescent bulb. Message on both sides for hanging projected over the door, or against the wall. The unit comes with pigtails for direct wiring.
Dimensions: 12"L x 7"H x 2-1/2"D
STICK-ON warning signs:
1/8" thick TrovicelÔ doubled-ced fa tape attached to the back.
White printing on black board. (red board available per request)

cat. No. S-10X (size 4x10") "X-RAY ROOM"
cat. No. S-10DE (size 4x10")"DARKROOM"
cat. No. S-10CX (size 4x10") "CAUTION X-RAY IN USE"
cat. No. S-10E (size 8x10")" "PREGNANT" (English, if you are pregnant, or think you may be, tell the x-ray technician before having an x-ray taken"
cat. No. S-10ES (size 8x10") "EMBARAZO" (Spanish, si usted esta embarazada o cree que lo esta notifiqueselo al tecnico antes de que le tomen los rayos x)
Stick-on signs available also in Spanish and with custom message.

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