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Radiation Protection Accessories
Thyroid Collar #TC52O
0.5mm lead equivalency,
convenient velcro closure
Gonad Shield #GS521
Full 0.5mm protection.
With ties, size 7x9"
Lead Vinyl Sheeting
Coated lead vinyl sheeting.
Non-absorbent surface on both sides.  Available in 0.5mm and 1.0mm lead equiv.
Lead Blockers
Both sides vinyl coated for easy
cleaning.  Available in 0.5mm and 1.0mm lead equiv. and in a range of sizes
Half Aprons
0.5mm, royal blue, nylon with
velcro and buckle. (ties optional)
# HA2424 size 24Wx24"W
# HA2024 size 20Wx24"L
# HA1010 size 10Wx10"L
Gonad Shield Set #GS522
Full 0.5mm lead equiv.
protection, with ties.
Set includes:
1 ea. 3x5", 6x7", and 7x9"
Gonad Cup #GC222
0.5mm lead equiv. protection.  Encloses male gonad for 360°protection, one size cup can be used on patients of all ages.  
Lead Sleeve
#SL2OS 19"L/6-12"dia.
#SL2OM 21"L/7-13"dia.
#SL2OL 23"L/8-16"dia
Provides arm protection while allowing complete hand mobility. Velcro closure.
Patient Demi-Apron Set
Design to protect patients of all sizes.  0.5mm lead protection. Royal blue nylon cover. Soft vinyl covered steel spring.
Cat. No.


DA511 Full set 4 aprons & rack
DA2016 X-Large apron 20Wx16"L with spring
DA1624 Large apron 16Wx24"L with spring
DA1212 Medium apron 12Wx12"L with spring
DA8510 Small apron 8.5Wx10"L with spring
DR111 Demi apron rack only
Shadow Shield #SS515
Inexpensive and nearly maintenance free, the Shadow-ShieldT is easily installed in minutes with a screwdriver which makes it easy to remove when replacing tubes. No holes to drill or attachment, The 1/8" shield thickness exceeds California's 2.5mm state requirement.  Wts. less than 2 Lbs. Required ordering information: tube end-housing diameter and whether tube housing is tapered or straight

Brest Shield
#BS268 adult
#BS269 child

For use in spinal radiographs procedures. 0.5mm lead equivalency.  Lead free back neck area assures total spine exposure.  Blue nylon cover.  Velcro strip to adjust precise length.

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