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The PediaGraph Immobilizer (PGI)
One of the most efficient, ergonomically engineered infant
positioning system for radiographic exams.



T he PediaGraph Immobilizer incorporates ergonomic engineering features for operational ease and patient comfort. The PGI imposes no radiation risk to medical personnel. The positive locking turntable helps to eliminate motion in x-ray films. The turntable rotates on non-stick glide pads for easy positioning. Positioning of the film cassette is fast and fully adjustable vertically and horizontally. Specially designed upper body supports are furnished in two sizes to accommodate the average infant and toddler (up to 3-1/2 years of age)


Welded medical grade stainless steel table.
Openings in tabletop and turntable are approximately 10 1/2" x 8".
Support track is machined from one piece of material.
Support track has a positive locking system.
Locking turntable
Easy-to-adjust knobs on the film carrier.
Large supports are made from 1/4" clear acrylic. Small supports are made from 3/16" clear acrylic.
Both large and small supports have adjustable Velcro straps.
Adjustable seat.
All machine screws, bolts and springs are made of stainless steel.
All machined parts hold a +/- .010 tolerance.


The Pedia Graph Immobilizer is approximately 22" x 24"x 35" high.
Welded stainless steel table with 3" casters.
2 locking casters - 2 non-locking casters.
Engraved tabletop and shelf are made of durable polyethylene.
Easy to maintain and clean 
Calibrated positive-locking turntable rotates full 360.
Clear acrylic supports are furnished in two form fitting sizes.

PediaGraph Immobilizer Complete Unit
Replacement parts available

 Pediatric Positioning Aids:
The HuggerT
by CFI (patent No. 4,030,719)
Proper anatomical design incorporated in use of Techni-Foam. Achieves womb-like warmth and security. Hugs rather than confines, resulting in maximum cooperation. Infant immobilization was never so easy.
The Infantainer:
Developed for specific use in neonatal radiology. Completely immobilizes child in proper position for lateral and anterior-posterior radiology. Lightweight PlexiglassT with adjustable Velcro® closures. Vertical track and horizontal platform are capable of accepting cassettes.
The CT HuggerT
Incorporates immobilization concepts of the HuggerT. Basic physical design adaptations for CT use. Radiused base prevents possibility of artifacts. Aluminum equivalency below 1.5mm Total weight is 12 pounds. Contains: acrylic base, one child-size foam insert, one infant-size foam insert, complete set of universal restraining straps.

Infant: premature born and newborn infants up to age three (3) months.
Children: children up to four (4) months to three (3) years

Cat. No.:
The Hugger
Infant # 425
The Hugger
Child # 426
The CT Hugger
Infant/Child # 200
Infantainer # 421
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