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Multi-Image Format-Camera Cassettes
Antistatic Cassette Brushes
Staticmaster's Polonium 210 element generates ionized air which neutralizes charges which attract dust and dirt.  Staticmaster® ionizer brushes neutralize static charges and completely remove dust, lint and other contaminants with one quick swipe over a charged surface.  Available in 3" and 1".  Replacement cartridges recommended to be replaced every year.

Standard Multi-Image Cassette:
Accessory for Matrix, Dunn, Schiff, Technicare, General Electric and other imagers

8x10" Cassette Features: 

Sonic welded unibody construction, available in single and double sided.

Dual Entry Cassette:

Compatible with Matrix Dual entry Multi-Image format cameras, available  in 8x10 and 11x14" sizes

Magnetic Cassette:

For use with Picker, Diasonics and International Imaging Electronics Cameras.  Mates with magnetic locking devices on all contact surfaces

11x14" and 14x17" Cassette Features:

Sonic welded riveted and bonded assemblies.  14x17" Cassette available factory modified to accept 8x10" and 11x14" film.
Cat. No. Slide Size
M405-001 P 4x5"
M505-001 P 5x7"
M810-001 P 8x10"
M810-011 U 8x10"
M824-001. P 18x24cm
M824-011 U 18x24cm
M810-002 P 8x10" dual entry
M810-022 U 8x0" dual entry
M810-003 P 8x10" magnetic
M810-033 U 8x10" magnetic
M824-003 P 18x24cm magnetic
M824-033 U 18x24cm magnetic
M114-001 P 11x14"
M114-011 U 11x14"
M114-002 P 11x14" dual entry
M114-022 U 11x14" dual entry
M147-011 U 14x17" G
M147-022 U 14x17" M
M147-033 U 14x17"/11" M
M147-044 U 14x17"/8" M
M147-099 U 14x17"/11" for MI-9

P = Plastic Dual entry,    U = Unbreakable aluminum slide, 
= Matrix and similar cameras 
G = General Electric, Elscint and similar cameras only
Dual Entry cassette-7 cameras only fit Matrix Mi

Cat. No. Slide Replacement slide SIZE
" G
" M
Image Cross Reference:
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this reference, but imager manufacturers may not always inform of new modifications to their equipment,  
Imager MDM part No. Description
/ M810-011
M810-003  / M810-033
" P  /  8x10" U
8x10" MAG P  /  8x10" MAG U

/ M810-011
" P  /  8x10" U

/ M810-011
/ M810-011
14x17" G U

/ M810-011

" P  /  8x10" U
4x17" G U

14x17" M U
Compact 1010
Compact 1020




Video Image 1114
/  M810-011 " P  /  8x10" U
/  M810-011 " P  /  8x10" U

/  M810-011

" P  /  8x10" U

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