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MRI Accessories

Non-Magnetic Wheelchair:
This wheelchair is designed to accommodate almost any size patient, (18" wide seat). The cushioned front and rear wheels makes handling an easy task. The wheels lock easily for storage.

Locking L-Design Arms 
250 pound weight capacity 
Lightweight wheels with Quick Release Axles 
8-hole Axle Plates with Chamber Adjustment
or 8" front casters with precession bearings 
Adjustable Height Back 
Rear Anti-Tips 
Retractable Wheel locks 
Fork Angle Adjustments
Fold-Up Foot Pedals with Leg Strap. 
Pedal available in inner med, or outer positions 
Crescent Foot Pedal Lock to prevent rotation of foot pedals
Quick Release Safety Belt 
Stainless Steel I.V. Poles are standard 
Nylon Upholstery 
Options Available: Attachable Oxygen Cylinder Holder

Cat. No. 03-PH1003 Non magnetic wheelchair with IV pole

Non-Magnetic Portable I.V. Pole:

So many features for such a low price!  Stable 5-spoke wide base with smooth-rolling casters exceed tilt test requirements, an aluminum adjustable (to 83" high) pole and quad-pigtail top.

Item Number: 03-IV300A

Non-Magnetic Carts:

03-UTC20  24" x 36" Cart, 32 1/4" high, 400 lb. capacity

03-UTC98  24" x 36" Cart, Middle Shelf, Fits 03-UTC20

18" x 31" Cart, 37 1/2" high, 300 lb. Capacity03-UTC55  

03-UTC00  16" x 30" Cart, 32 1/4" high, 400 lb. capacity

03-UTC97  16" x 30" Cart, Middle Shelf Fits 03-UTC00

Non-Magnetic Tables:

Dimensions: 20" L x 16" W x 34" H
Storage drawer and guard rail on three sides, shelf on bottom, 2" Non-Magnetic Swivel Casters.

03-50200  Non-Magnetic Utility Table

36" L x 20" W x 34" H
H-Brace; 2" Non-Magnetic Swivel Casters

03-42002  Non-Magnetic Instrument Table On Non-Magnetic Casters

Non-Magnetic Fire Extinguisher:

Non-Magnetic Fire Extinguisher with an aluminum cylinder and nylon valve body. These fire extinguishers are non-magnetic for hospital applications. Multi-Purpose ABC dry chemical

5 LB charge; 8 LB total weight

It is recommended at least one extinguisher to be placed in the magnet room and the control room. In addition, we strongly advise that all fire extinguishers in the general area of the MRI be replaced with non-magnetic extinguishers to reduce or eliminate the possibility of a magnetic cylinder being brought into MRI.
Cat. No.
03-XL5MP MRI Fire Extinguisher w/ Wall Bracket

Non-Magnetic Step Stools
These non-magnetic MRI stools are equipped with anti skid top surface and rubber tipped legs for patient stability. Stools assist operator to reach up and over to properly position the patient. These stools are available with or without a rail.
Item Number: 03-41096
Double Step Stool with
Two 41" Hand Rails 
36"L x 12"W x 8" Top Step
36"L x 24"W x 8" Base
Item Number: 03-2523
This two step stool has
no-slip steps

Item Number: 03-13901
Step Stool without rail
Item Number: 03-13901-1
Step Stool with rail

Non-Magnetic Padded Stools:

Stool has fully upholstered foam seat. Screw-type adjustable seat. Rubber foot tips. Available with or without backrest. Height from 22" to 30".

03-2500B  Stool with backrest

03-2500  Stool without backrest (not shown)

03-45001  Non-Magnetic Padded Stool with casters
Dimensions: 15"D x 23"H, Seat Cushion with 2" Non-Magnetic Casters

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