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Film Identification Printers
Automatic Cat. No. 17105

It has an adjustable exposure timer. Set time, insert ID card and press the exposure plate. Ideal as a testing device for exposure and developing procedures. Dimensions: 3" H x 8" W x 8" D. Power: 110/120 AC or DC. Approx. shipping weight 6 Lbs.

Manual Cat. No. 17104

Just insert the film and ID card, hold down exposure plate, and release when the light goes on. Light intensity is adjusted by a switch.

Specifications for both units: dimensions: 3" H x 8" W x 8" D. Power: 110/120 AC or DC. Approx. shipping weight 6 Lbs.

ID Cards
3x5" personalized and non-personalized id cards

Standard print: (style A) Cat. No.ID-185 non-personalized printed with blanks for patient’s name, age, date & No.

Personalized: Cat. No. ID-185P with customer imprint, name, address, telephone, patient’s name, age, date & No. (choose style A, B or for veterinary, if no choice is made style A will be provided)


X-Ray Envelopes

X-Ray Film Filing Envelopes:

Protect your radiographs with this full line of negative preservers. Ruled spaces for identification are preprinted on heavy duty Kraft paper. An offset thum-bcut for easy opening is featured on most items. Brown Kraft is our standard stock color, red, green & Gray also available.
14x17" Cat. No. FE1417-B2 250 per box BROWN Kraft
14x17" Cat. No. FE1417-R2 250 per box RED Kraft
14x17" Cat. No. FE1417-Y2 250 per box GRAY Kraft
14x17" Cat. No. FE1417-G2 250 per box GREEN Kraft

10x12" Cat. No. FE1012-B5 500 per box BROWN Kraft
10x12" Cat. No. FE1012-B1 1000 per box BROWN Kraft

8x10" Cat. No. FE810-B1 1000 per box BROWN Kraft

X-Ray Film Mailing Envelopes:

String & button fasteners and chipboard inserts assures safe mailing of film third or fourth class. Preprinted heavy duty Brown Kraft with string & button.

Cat. No. ME1417-50 14x17" size 50 per box
Cat No. ME-MRI-50 MRI mailing envelopes, 50 per box
Cat. No. ME1012-50 10x12" size 50 per box


Also available SPECIALTY FILING ENVELOPES with anatomical* illustration and/or ACR^ index on back:

MAMMOGRAPHY cat. # FE-MAM-25 (250 per box dark blue border)*^

CT cat # FE-CT-25 (250 per box green border)*^

NUCLEAR MEDICINE cat. # FE-NM-25 (250 per box, red border)

ULTRASOUND cat # FE-UL-25 (250 per box, purple border)^

B.E. Barium Enema cat # FE-BE-25 (250 per box, gold border)*^

G.I. Gastro Intestinal cat # FE-GI-25 (250 per box, gray border)*^

HEAD & NECK cat # FE-HN-25 (250 per box, blue border)*^

M.R.I. cat # FE-MRI-25 (250 per box, rust border)*^

cat # FE-SP-25 (250 per box, black border)*^
X-Ray Storage Boxes
35% post-consumer recycled content. Reinforced handle. Accommodates standard x-ray film jackets. Attached lid with tab closure. Box/wall construction (end-side-bottom): 2 ply x 1 ply x 1 ply. Heavy duty strength. 200 lb. test weight. Inside dimensions listed below (w x h x d). Carton of 6. White.

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