Portable X-Ray Equipment
For veterinary use
Lightweight Easy handling Durable
Part No. X30100
Max Tube voltage: 100kVp
Max Tube current: 30mA
Timing range: 0.03-5 sec. (23 steps)
Tube current and tube voltage are preset to:
100 kVp at 10 mA
90 KvP at 15 mA
80 kVp at 20 mA
70 kVp at 25 mA
60 kVp at 30 mA
Power: 50/60Hz 110V, also available at 220V
Weight: 40 Lbs
Carrying case included
12-5/8"H x 12-1/4"D x 12-1/4"W
weight: 5-1/2 Lb.
Mobile Stand Cat. No. CX300
With two swivel wheels for convenience of movement and two locking wheels for stationary position on location
Weight: 58 Lb.